Debbie, Wendy and Julie sing "Three little maids from school" from "The Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan.  This was at a concert at Fullarton Lutheran Norsing home in April 2019


Mike Lawson

30.05.2019 14:44

Gosh!! So sexy those ladies!! Lovely voices as well!!!!

Latest comments

22.08 | 03:38

So happy to be attending 9 performances this year at various aged care facilities. Looking forward to the Christmas concerts in November and December.

22.10 | 01:29

It's so good to be back at choir rehearsals in a bigger room and a more modern piano. We've all managed to sing with masks on as well. Looking forward to our first performance on 17th November 2021.

03.05 | 14:07

There have been 55,000 viewings of the caring choir website. It can't all be the singers. I do enjoy viewing some of our performances, and indeed our rehearsals too.

07.12 | 08:11

When is the choir going back raquel

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