Julia sings "Poor Wandering One" from The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan.

Performed at the Fullarton Lutheran Nursing Home on 24th April 2019 Accompaniment by Irene on piano, and the Caring Choir chorus


Mike Lawson

02.06.2019 13:20

Lovely one Julia!

Latest comments

22.08 | 03:38

So happy to be attending 9 performances this year at various aged care facilities. Looking forward to the Christmas concerts in November and December.

22.10 | 01:29

It's so good to be back at choir rehearsals in a bigger room and a more modern piano. We've all managed to sing with masks on as well. Looking forward to our first performance on 17th November 2021.

03.05 | 14:07

There have been 55,000 viewings of the caring choir website. It can't all be the singers. I do enjoy viewing some of our performances, and indeed our rehearsals too.

07.12 | 08:11

When is the choir going back raquel

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